LDSI Licensor and Developer of Innovator of Ideas

Life Design Station International has evolved from a sub-licensor of its initial music platform which empowered artists to promote, produce, and sell songs internationally, to a master licensor of other leading-edge, patented technologies like the Inverse Magnetic Electric Motors, to its current broader charge of worldwide developer of innovative ideas.


LDSI's newest “Big Idea” is to perfect a one-stop solution for Indie creators (from inception to distribution) for independent content creators to assist with film and show development, packaging, finance, production, acquisitions, sales/marketing, distribution, P&A, and output deals. Visit for more information.


Life Design Station International trades publicly on the OTC (over-the-counter) Venture Market under the "LDSI" symbol. Visit LDSI on the OTC Markets for more information.

LDSI is in the process of changing its name to American Picture House Corporation.

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Independent Artist Music Platform

LDSI developed and maintained its internet based platform that allowed artists from around the world to interface with the Industry, their fan base, and each other to promote, produce and sell their songs and music.


The platform enabled artists, producers and other music professionals to engage millions of users in six different languages and to access an online payment infrastructure that enabled them to receive payment from online users through a secure, user-friendly environment. 


Inverse Magnetic Electric Motors ("IMM")

The IMM Technologies offer a truly green solution to the problems faced by the current electric vehicles (EV) markets (higher costs than traditional engines, fear of technology obsolescence, range anxiety, and long-charging times).


There is no debate that the future of transportation will be EV; but, solving these problems is critical to the continued convergence of all types of EV and their future success in their varied marketplaces. 

Life Design Station International (OTC symbol: "LDSI") intends to commercialize the IMM Technologies in the U.S. to achieve the maximum utilization of electric power for the Automotive Industry by sub-licensing the IMM Technology to EV motor manufactures for four targeted sub-markets: Battery Electric Vehicles, Electric 2/3 Wheelers, Electric Freight-Delivery, and Electric Bus Conversion.


In addition to securing licensees, LDSI intends to seek out key partnerships with leading Industry motor manufacturers to co-produce products with major industry leaders and eventually, independently manufacture its own Inverse Magnetic Electric Motors.

Demand for Content Continues to Rise;

There's Never Been a Better Time to Produce Films or Shows... 


In a typical year 1,500+ films are theatrically released in the U.S. by distributors to 40M+ moviegoers. (However due to the pandemic, only 886 films were released in 2021 and only 85 were slated for 2022). Meanwhile, the Streamers (e.g., Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.), servicing an ever-growing, 420M+ subscriber base, continue to increase their catalog sizes, which in aggregate currently exceeds 22,000 films and 7,000 shows. When one further accounts for, the worldwide shutdown and lack of new inventory production, the depletion of old inventory, and the re-opening of theaters, it is easy to see why demand for films and shows is at an all-time high. 

Watching Films and Shows Has Never Been So Convenient;

Demand for Content Is Off-the-Charts...


While theater attendance will inevitably return, in the interim the streaming business continues to surge. In under a decade, U.S. streaming-subscribers increased +450% (currently +45% of all U.S. households have access). Netflix maintains a 34% market share with +200M subscribers; Amazon has +150M subscribers and Disney has +87M.  As viewers burn through content, Steamer inventories' deplete, and theaters re-open, the clamor for new content is expected to drive a Market recovery (at a 6% CAGR) to reach +$350B value in 2023.

American Picture House 

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LDSI Management

  • Bannor Michael MacGregor, President/Director

  • Michael Blanchard, Secretary/Treasurer/Director


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